Stay enveloped in enchantment.

Try to immerse yourself in the sensations that can arise while sipping a Sicilian wine, sit on a terrace that will let your gaze glide along the panorama of the Trapani coast, while the fresh smell of pine trees that surround you mixes with the smell of the sea. If you can visualize this feeling, to imagine it seriously, you will have a rough idea of ​​the experience you can experience when staying at La Pineta Park Hotel in Erice. But we give you an advice: try it in person is another thing.

Immersed in the green.

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The experience of staying at Pineta Park Hotel is as involving as the environment that surrounds it. The forest offers an oasis of fresh relaxation, an oasis that allows you to enjoy the warm sun of Sicily at its best. The mountain rocks seem to recall the bastions of the ancient medieval village. Above and below you dominates the blue: that of the Sicilian sea, pure and uncontaminated, and that of the sky, clear and vivid, the background of a healthy air where the aroma of the trees blends with the smell of the sea.

An open window on the dream.

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The hotel rooms wind along the park paths that caress the summit of Mount Erice. All are equipped with a small terrace that literally represents an open window on the dream. During the day they give the opportunity to taste the Sicilian sun accompanied by the fresh caress of the mountain air. In the evening I am the stage of honor of unique sunsets , which lend themselves to being savored together with a wine from our lands, perhaps accompanying it with an almond dolcino of the ericini monasteries.

Lying on the top of an ancient mountain.


Opening the window in the morning and being literally flooded with fresh air and oxygenated by the pine trees that cover the entire area is an experience that we can really recommend. And then, perhaps, before coming to have breakfast with local products, take a walk among the paths and enjoy the sense of nature that modern life makes us forget too often.

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