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A stay among these ancient walls is not a holiday like any other


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A destination for travelers and heroes

Erice, La Pineta Park Hotel
Virgil, in the Aeneid, tells how Aeneas, when his old father Anchise passed away, buried him right on Mount Erice, where great ceremonies took place in his honor. Aeneas, also the son of Venus as the legendary founder, erected on the mountain, for the divine mother, "a seat close to the stars". Also in the Aeneid it is told how Enea, after this stop ericina, reflected for a long time whether to continue his journey or stop in Sicily. The charm of this mountain had also bewitched the epic hero ...
Thanks to the underlying port and its easily defensible strategic position, Erice continues to prosper in the centuries up to the Middle Ages, becoming more and more the place where the wealthy classes preferred to stay.

The reasons for the choice were many: the breathtaking views offered by this piece of rock set in the land of Sicily and surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, the coolness of the forest that mitigated the scorching sun of the south, the care in the construction of the village that, from the Middle Ages to today, the weather has left us almost untouched, allowing us even today to live and feel the centuries of history and charm that surround this place.

After over two millennia, the charm has remained intact and bewitches anyone who comes close to Erice. In the twentieth century, then, he lived a new youth, first as a destination for VIPs, in particular men and women of cinema and culture, and then appeared at the international audience thanks to the "Ettore Maiorana" Scientific Culture Center which in the 1980s put at the center of the world scientific debate.

Palermo knows something about Pierfrancesco Diliberto, aka Pif, who has set his second work in Erice, "In War for Love" conquering audiences and critics also, at least a little, for the beautiful scenery that this corner of Sicily offers.

But Pif is not the only one captured by the magic of this mountain. And we are not talking about the thousands of tourists who every day discover the stone-paved streets of the ancient medieval village or go between the stones and the green of the forest.

The essence of the Charm

A brand that has made its corporate mission of fascination and beauty, let's talk about Dolce & Gabbana, chose the village and the slopes of Erice to celebrate one of its essences.

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In Erice the historical re-enactment of the arrival on Mount San Giuliano of Frederick III of Aragon, King of Sicily, and his wife Eleonora.
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